Spring is now in the air, and so is International Fragrance Day.This special day was created relatively recently to give us the chance to appreciate the scents that play important roles in our lives, some can heal us, others brings back memories, and most of them gives us joy!

Let's see what the team at ORLOV PARIS has to say!

The perfume in history

The oldest perfumery, earliest known back to the Bronze Age, was discovered on the island of Cyprus. A female chemist named Tapputi is the first recorded perfume manufacturer, according to a Cuneiform tablet discovered in Mesopotamia.

Today, France is largely regarded as the world's leading producer of perfumes and cosmetics.

Appreciating perfumes is not a new notion, as you can see

How to celebrate International Fragrance Day

The variety of ways to celebrate this day is unlimited, and it all depends on your personal preferences in terms of scents, hobbies, and general tastes.

You can start your day by visiting your local florist and get some fresh flowers to put around your home for a delicate, natural scent around you

You might also go visit a neighboring fragrance and look for something fresh to buy.

Nobody said you have to wear the same perfume for the rest of your life, no matter how much you adore it.

If everything else fails, go for a lovely, warm bubble bath with some pure essential oils that will let you savor your favorite scents as it floats around in the warm heat.

And to make this day special you can create your own fragrance, if you happen to live in an area with a fragrance design studio you can design your own personal fragrance, if not there’s no problem to it!

You can make your own unique scent at home by blending different fragrances to get a special new olfactive experience.

Steps are easy you can start by pairing your own best perfumes, by layering each one on your skin directly, or in a fusion bottle. You can even name it with the name you’ll chose for this particular day! In our selection you can carry the confidence of 'Walk on the Wild Side' & 'Empower You' with you in one bottle, as the woodiness of Walk on the Wild Side equally balances the citrus notes of Empower You, making it the perfect combination.

And for a more daring scent you can try mixing 'Good Vibes' & 'Burning Desire' fragrances, as you can feel the floral burst of Burning Desire with the fresh notes of Good Vibes. This irresistible combination will evoke the joy and optimism of your day.You can really get creative and be playful with your perfumes, and try many other combinations that suits your taste.

Why we love International Fragrance Day

First, because it remind us of the benefits of fragrance; it is more than just something to make us smell better!

Fragrances can have mental and physical benefits. For instance, rose can help boosting your energy, citrus can help decrease stress, and jasmine can help with relaxation. So many advantages beautifully increased by the divine smell and satisfaction it brings to us mentally.

Second, we get to reconnect and enjoy the fragrances present in nature, like the smell of scented flowers, fruits, woods, petrichor, freshly cut grass, herbs, and so on.

And finally, because this day remind us of the importance of fragrance in our life, as perfume remains the best way to leave an impression on somebody. You can create new memories and have so much opportunities in life just by spraying or finding the perfect perfume for you, matching your personality and making people acknowledge you, only by your smell!

The magic of perfume is fascinating, and on this day it is more magical to us!

Happy 21st March