Wearing perfume looks effortless. Spraying in the air? Or spraying it on your wrists and neck?
Did you know that there are actually some tips for wearing perfume that can bring out your charm to a greater extent?

Let's see what the team at ORLOV PARIS has to say!

Keep fresh and carry on!

Some of you may have kept your fragrancecollection in your bathroom? Maybe it’s time tochange! Humidity and heat are not friends ofperfumes, when perfumes are exposed to suchenvironments for a long time, the moleculeswill change, the fragrance will be altered, andthe aging process will be accelerated. So, keepin mind to store your perfumes in a cool anddry place without direct sunlight.

A little bit of moisturizer, a lot longer!

Perhaps you've noticed that in the dry, coldseason, the flow and amplification of fragrancesdon't seem as brilliant as before? Yes, that's whywe suggest that you apply some moisturizingproducts on the relevant areas before sprayingthe perfume on your skin for a more pleasantenjoyment!

Spritz, and that’s it!

How would you spray a perfume? A light spritzor two on the wrists, between the neck, behindthe ears is certainly a good choice. Of course,you can also spray perfume in the air aboveyour head and rotate a circle in it, which willmake the process of wearing perfume veryritualistic and glamorous. Many people alsospray perfume on their clothes, and below wewill talk about a tip that should not beoverlooked.

The far way from synthetic fabrics, the better!

If you are wearing synthetic clothing, let's sayfaux leather, faux fur (first of all, thank you!your choice is important for the preservation ofthe planet ), then always remember, it's betternot to spray perfume on them. The moleculesin the perfume will react with the syntheticfabric and the olfactory experience may not bevery satisfying. This may not be a good choicefor your clothes either.

We hope these tips will help you or give you a little more insight into perfume. Love from Orlov Paris.