Fresh & Sparkling? Floral? Opulent? What do these words mean?In perfumery, we use « family » to classify perfumes. Most people are naturally attracted by one or two families, although many fragrances are not easy to classify. We hope the following guide can help you distinguish between the different notes and identify individual preferences among Orlov Paris perfumes.


This perfume family is defined by invigorating, aromatic compositions with underlying woody notes. These fragrances smell bright, pure, green, citrusy, clean, reminding you of the breeze on your skin, freshly cut herbs and citrus, or a summer orchard in the sunshine. Agrumes are often used seen in this category, with a low concentration perfume composed mostly of citrusand fresh notes.

In the Orlov Paris perfume house, we insist on offering the best experience of fresh & sparkling perfume in our Eau de Parfum (15% concentration):
> Good Vibes - a fresh and sparkling expression of neroli, the iconic and woody fragrance

> Empower You - an explosion of light, infused with citrus and fresh fruit

> The Best of Me - elegant bergamot sublimated by the Tonka bean to be carried to its maximum

> Sea of Light - the freshness of the Calabrian bergamot and the bitter orange of Amalfi harmonize with the sensuality of the spices, which underlines the particularity of the vetiver


The floral scent family is one of the most common families. Used in many well-known perfumes, it usually takes on a feminine characteristic in fragrances. Rose, jasmine, neroli are tones often seen in floral fragrances. The floral scents can vary from light to heavy, smelling like fresh cut flowers or with a powdery facet, depending on different combinations with spicy, woody or fresh notes.

Orlov Paris floral perfumes enhance and bring out sensuality and infinite charms inside of you:

> De Young Red - French rose and pink berry exhale this seductive scent by combing with the freshness of mandarin and bergamot, which go with the spicy facet of black pepper

> Out of the Box - Bulgarian rose sublimated by addictive accord of caramel and vanilla, a sign of powerful and refined femininity

> Fancy Red - combines the sparkling and luminous notes of jasmine and rosemary, with the softernotes of musk and vanilla

> Orlov - bergamot warms the heart of this floral bouquet, the nuance of rose and the freshness of jasmine

> Burning Desire - the chorus of French rose to spices that reveal the tendernessHope - tremendous white flowers, pink berry and pulpy peach release the sweetness of theperfume


The fragrances in opulent family have a warm and rich impression, including herb, wood or resinous accords, mixing with notes like sandalwood, patchouli, amber, cedar or vetiver. The addition of a touch of spicy notes gives them an exotic character.

Orlov Paris selects the most precious materials and forms these warm and addictive perfumes in the most traditional French way:

> Flame of Gold - Rich dark chocolate made more exotic by the suede, the Tonka bean and woody accords create a creative and gourmand expression

> Sun Drop - Rose and saffron give a mythical personality to the Oud wood, nutmeg and cardamom reveal the character, cinnamon and patchouli reinforce the power

> Walk On the Wild Side - A modern and timeless expression of leather, the touch of sweet caramel, fresh jasmine and saffron give a distinctive and contemporary tone

> Supreme Star - Opens with bergamot and grapefruit mixed with cardamom, rhubarb and apple with charismatic heart of vetiver.