This month, we’re recognizing the emerald, a gemstone known to represent patience, loyalty, integrity, and intuition; the emerald keeps relationships and friendships in balance with the help of enhanced wisdom. Its striking physical appearance embodies the lushness of nature in full bloom with its rich, deep green color, and is associated with wealth and abundance, healing, and power. 

Emerald is composed of the mineral beryl, which gives the emerald its extremely recognizable green color. While emeralds can be found in deposits across the globe, such as Australia, the United States, Afghanistan, Brazil, and Canada, the most significant source of the stone is Colombia. 


Historically, the emerald has been a symbol of wealth, used by royalty in crowns and clothing to convey a sense of regality and status. It is estimated that some emeralds are approximately 3 billion years old, proving the significance of the stone throughout time.

The gemstones were first mined in Ancient Egypt, with Cleopatra being one of the most recognized historical figures associated with the stone. Because emeralds also represent loyalty, growth, and positive relationships, they are often given as a gift for 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

The emerald has been widely recognized as a powerful gemstone and is symbolic of many different aspects of life, which is why we chose to incorporate emerald into our perfume “The Best of Me.

This stone is a reminder of the importance of maintaining a sense of wisdom, calmness, and intuition, and implementing these qualities into everyday life. 


Emerald is a symbol for balance of the mind, heart, and spirit, helping to intertwine all of these aspects with love and compassion. Because emerald is a gemstone for soothing heightened emotions, it is used to bring insight, calmness, and mental clarity, allowing for greater vision and intuition. In addition, the stone is claimed to have physical healing properties, and is used not only for emotional healing, but also for issues with the heart, fertility, or inflammation. It also helps the wearer feel more self-confident and empowered in his or her everyday life.