Each fragrance is hypoallergenic and has a clean formula. Recycled glass is used in making Orlov’s fragrance bottles, which minimizes the production process’s environmental impact. The packaging is recycled cardboard. We prioritize the quality and integrity of our perfumes by sourcing materials sustainably, we favor packaging solutions that are “simplified” and “organic.” ( we support the journey towards a more sustainable beauty world. Our glass bottles, packaging can all be widely recycled. Together, we all can make a difference in the future of this planet. At Orlov, we have built our business around sustainable and eco-friendly practices and values. As a brand, we must think about the future of the planet. We are at the golden age of perfumery and craft our fragrances using natural materials. We do not use our products on animals, nor do we use animal byproducts. We are committed to doing our very best for our planet. we are always searching for new ways of raising the bar as a business.)