We, at Orlov Paris, believe that each stone emits different energy. Inspired by this we have started our fragrance journey, to share our passion for fragrances and gemstones with the rest of the world. All our fragrances are inspired by precious gemstones. We believe that diamonds and gemstones act as conduits for healing, they allow positive healing energy to flow into the body. Ruth and Thomas, the founders, have always been fond of diamonds and gemstones. Ruth, after graduating from HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in grading of diamonds,  joined her family business and started working on her own jewelry line. While working one day she misplaced a diamond. Thomas, her husband, found the diamond on her desk beneath a perfume bottle. Taking it as a sign, they decided to launch their own brand. We are inspired by the energy healing properties of mother nature. From culture to civilization, energy healing has been practiced for millennia. Each crystal has a unique focus, they can be used for meditation, and others can help with healing. Crystals are thought to harness certain energies and vibrations in your mind and body, which can help you recover mentally, physically, and emotionally. Each crystal is assigned to different properties. Our aim is to produce high-quality fragrances that will benefit and emit the energy of the stone they are inspired from. Our fragrances can help calm minds and help attract positive energy from the universe.